We welcome your suggestions for new features and functionality that can be provided via plugins to our core myblog platform.

Whilst plugins can introduce usefully extend existing functionality, they can also be unreliable, cause security risks and conflicts with existing features as well as prove unsustainable through inadequate, or cessation of developer support.

To ensure that are platforms are robust and reliable any proposed plugin will need to be investigated and tested in a rigorous and systematic way. We will need to work in partnership with you to evaluate the use, benefits and robustness of the plugin. The diagram below gives an overview of the evaluation and testing procedure and will typically take between 4 to 8 weeks.

Propose a new Plugin

  1. Check the online catalogue to see if a request for that particular feature or functionality has already been made.
  2. Complete the online proposal form.

New Plugin Proposal Process

Download the New Plugin Proposal Process