Where is the Dashboard?

To get to the dashboard, log in at http://myblog.arts.ac.uk, then click on ‘My blogs’ in the black menu bar at the top of the page. Mouse over the name of your blog and you will see a menu option saying ‘Dashboard’, which you can click on.

If you cannot see the Dashboard it is more likely that you have either created an account but not a blog or you are accessing your blog within anonther resource, eg, Blackboard.

To create a Blog go to the myblog.arts.ac.uk web page. On the right hand side you will see a link “First time here? Please make sure to sign up for an account.” Make sure Create a Blog is selected and fill out the relevant information.

If you are accessing your Blog through Blackboard you will not have access to the Dashboard if the Blog has been embedded within the Blackboard content page. Open a new tab and type inmyblog.arts.ac.uk to go to the myblog site.

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